Welding and Plasma Cutting Workshops

Welding a decorative screen with one on one instruction.
Photo Credit, Michael Kloth

Workshop Overview

Create Plasma-cut and Welded pieces for your home as you learn the basics of MIG welding and plasma cutting. You will learn to use a brake, roller, planishing hammer, shear and other amazing tools as you put together your own projects.

Plasma Cutting

Learning to slice through metal like Thor and let your creativity flow like plasma as you draw your own design into sheet metal. Come with your own ideas or make suggested projects like a sconce, flower, outdoor signage, butterfly, mask, or whimsical wall hanging.

Plasma cut and welded projects by happy participants. Yard art totems, an ornate flower & sconce.

MIG Welding

Practice running "beads" and bonding joints until comfortable and then put your skills to use making a flower, perhaps a collage of remnant metal scraps, and mounts for your other projects. Compare low and high-end welders. 

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Images of Some Participants & Projects

Welding & Plasma-Cutting Classes and Workshops

Father and son welding workshop projects: a trellis, big steel USA flag with a bird on top.

Duration: 6-7+ hrs

Essentially, dependent on your attentions span. I won't let you go home with an incomplete project. 

For larger projects, hourly workshop space rental is available, $32/hr.

Welding workshop and classes participants with their wonderful wall hangings, flower pot, sconce.

Cost: $145

Includes insurance, all safety gear and many snacks. Bringing a lunch is recommended.

Welding and plasma cutting workshop class participants- clever mosaic metal art, sconces, flowers.

Two Participant Limit

Maximize each person gets on the equipment, though there is plenty for all. Three participants by special request.

Bring a friend!

Schedule your Workshop

Please send a few dates. Workshops are scheduled at your convenience, Monday-Sunday, starting as early as 7:30 if necessary.

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