Solaz, Designs of "Solace"

Artist Statement & Biography

Solaz is the Spanish word for solace, and it was chosen as the company name because solace is what Emily finds in the mesmerizing glow of melting and joining metal while absorbed in the imaginative escape of creation. In search of reflection time, working with tools that require safety clothing and coverings means no interruption by others, or risk danger. --a great situation for uninterrupted thought! Since the company name registration, the name has grown as a play on “solar,” as solar lighting became a speciality, as well as Sol (Sun) + AZ, which sounds hot and would be fitting for a artistic pursuit that runs well above 1200 degrees.

Solace is also what Emily celebrates in the complex beauty of the Sonoran Desert. Inspired by the countless color tones & textures, and the magic of rainstorms, her work draws upon the flora and flow of the landscape, and truly flourishes after a nice long hike or mountain bike ride. The hardness of the medium is softened by a woman’s touch and whimsy; the rustic nature is made sophisticated by intricate designs, taylored finishes and inlaid glass. Her solar Shadow Lights are an exploration of negative space to create unique dancing light patterns; a subtractive process of rendering a complex design from a simple square column. Shadow Lights are available as solar or wired for low-voltage landscape light. 

Emily is a Tucson native who didn’t realize how much she loves beautiful Arizona until being gone way too long. After undergraduate studies at Rice University (one semester at the University de Chile, Santiago, one in Costa Rica)  in Houston, Texas and swimming for their Division One Team, she spent some time gathering perspective and seeing the world by sampling Central & Eastern Europe and Central America. After living the ski bum dream in Crested Butte, CO & working as a high school dorm parent, she returned to Tucson for graduate school. With a firm and inspired educational philosophy, she went into the schools as a fledgling first in Tanque Verde Schools teaching Spanish and Technology; then into professional development for Pima County Schools Superintendent’s Office as a Technology Integration Specialist and teacher-trainer. Though certified in CTE (Career & Technical Education) to teach welding, she instead spent her last few years in TUSD and Sunnyside as a technology coach for teachers, librarian and student tech team coordinator.

Emily Mann with an early project: intricate multi-dimensional over-sized flower bigger than she is.

Emily Mann with an early project: intricate multi-dimensional over-sized flower bigger than she is.