Workshop Participant Information and Overview

Emily Mann welding steel custom mailbox in her home workshop in Tucson, Arizona

Plasma Cutting

You are provided a piece of sheet metal and whatever other parts you need, determined, of course, by the project you have in mind. For practice and learning plasma-cutting, I have pre-cut metal "worksheets" for you to practice shapes, curves, lines and all styles of cuts to hone your skills. You will then plasma cut your project or choice of butterfly, sconce, mask, address sign, etc.


You will begin by running a series of "beads" on a blank of metal. You will then learn a weave pattern, a "seam bead" series of tacks for cold welding, and begin to join pieces together. Depending on your interest, whether it is learning technique impeccably, or learning what is necessary to get your project going, we will determine the extent of your practice.  

I have petals, leaves and a flower stem prepared for you to put together and apply your welding knowledge.  You are welcome to bring your own materials, like salvage metal you may have collected, and we will see if we can use it. Additionally, I have many boxes of scrap (more eloquently called, “remnants”) you can collage with to your heart’s content.

If you have ideas for a project already, please let me know ahead of time by emailing an image and I’ll see if I have the right materials, their cost, and how I can make it happen in a short workshop.

Waivers and Handouts

For the Class

  • Please wear close-toe solid leather shoes like work boots. –nylon and tennis shoes allow sparks to burn through. Tall boots which tuck under your jeans are preferred so sparks don’t fall down your boots. If you do not have leather shoes, I have some in sizes 9 & 9.5 and also have leather covers we can put over your shoes.
  • I have welding shirts, but you may want to bring your own denim or tougher long sleeved shirt that buttons to the top.  We are working in a large workshop, indoors and on the porch. Judge the weather and wear long underwear if it is under 50 or a tank top or something minimal under if it’s a toasty Arizona day.
  • Jeans that can get dirty. .  No skinny jeans.
  • Sunscreen- all equipment, even with full coverage, may allow some wrinkle-producing light in. -I always try to protect my neck and face.
  • Handkerchief to tie around neck and cover face optional - they offer a bit more UV protection when using the plasma cutter.  

Miller Welding Overview

This is a quick three minute overview of MIG welding. I highly recommend it because they use a special lens that allows you to see much more than you really can with a helmet on.

Basics of MIG Welding with ChuckE

ChuckE is so cute and engaging, as well as being a clear instructor. This video will start around :22 (0f :32) minutes in where he begins with talking about the welding charts that recommend machine settings and then gets into technique. 

I recommend you preview this before coming to increase your exposure to the information and give it time to steep in your head before getting your hands on the equipment.

ChuckE: Welding Joints Flat & Horizontal

More pointers in position and technique.

Trouble-Shooting with ChuckE

Learn to self-monitor and adjust with the Charming ChuckE.


I have a few Pinterest Boards I have compiled to start the swirling of your imagination when wrapping your head around the expanse of metal art potential.

Art that pulls me

Clever Metal

Mailbox Ideas and other things

Participant Waivers

Please download and print these for the class if you are able.

Workshop Participant Waiver (pdf)


Participant Signs- Non Disclosure for workshop (pdf)