Solar Lighted Mailbox Post

I’ve always wanted to be forced to investigate more powerful lights for my solar work. The 4×4 bollards use lids that offer the brightest light possible without an external panel but to get more lumens, I would need to move to lighting with more wires and complications, and I was just waiting for the prompting and the opportunity.

Newest solar mailbox installation. I call it my “Chanel” because the strapping reminds me of the iconic pink Chanel suit with the black pipping. The base glows red/orange at night with a solar LED shining through colored glass. The glass color can be changed out if one is feeling blue or green or… The address is black/blue to make it distinct but still subtle and styled like the rest of the box.
Using larger, more powerful lights, makes me feel like a new stage of playing with light is beginning.
I’ll try to get better pictures with better light soon. I was just so excited, I had to post.

Solar Lighted Chanel Tailored Mailbox