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Once an educator, always an educator.

I went into teaching as a career because I love sharing what I am passionate and getting to know learners styles and what appeals to them. Since starting Solaz Designs, I have hosted many workshops in which people come for the full day, learn the overall concepts of metalwork, and create multiple projects with the plasma cutter and welder. These are some of my favorite times: because I love sharing the pleasure of creating & because the people who come to the classes are some of the most interesting, enthusiastic, life-long learners I have come across. I look forward to every class and hope to have many more.

Neta innovates with remnants to make cool light patterns and a collaged flower.

Her goal is to create a metal table with an open top to fill-in with mixed mediums like stones, resin, glass and light. I had such a fun time with her. I can’t wait to work with her again!

Sacred Heart Solar Lighted Mailbox

Wonderful clients I met at the Open Studio tour commissioned new sconces, lamppost covers, and this mailbox. I love the sacred heart handle (an idea of the client), and the regal pattern of what I call, my Louis XIV swirls. It looks so nice sealed! Notice the difference between the finishes on my collage picture and those at installation. I can’t wait to get them the rest of their pieces and see the finished assembly.


Commissioned Mailbox
Sacred Heart Mailbox
Sacred Heart Mailbox
Unsealed Sacred Heart Mailbox

SAACA St. Phillip’s Plaza Show

A beautiful weekend to meet people and enjoy the beautiful Arizona weather. My solar lights, of which I am very proud, will cast wonderful shadows in the yards of the many clients, to whom I am most grateful.



Solar Lighted Mailbox

I’ve always wanted to be forced to investigate more powerful lights for my solar work. The 4×4 bollards use lids that offer the brightest light possible without an external panel but to get more lumens, I would need to move to lighting with more wires and complications, and I was just waiting for the prompting and the opportunity.

Newest solar mailbox installation. I call it my “Chanel” because the strapping reminds me of the iconic pink Chanel suit with the black pipping. The base glows red/orange at night with a solar LED shining through colored glass. The glass color can be changed out if one is feeling blue or green or… The address is black/blue to make it distinct but still subtle and styled like the rest of the box.
Using larger, more powerful lights, makes me feel like a new stage of playing with light is beginning.
I’ll try to get better pictures with better light soon. I was just so excited, I had to post.

Solar Lighted Chanel Tailored Mailbox

Workshops for Plasma Cutting & MIG Welding

Workshops! What fun! I have two wonderfully interesting and enthusiastic women coming tomorrow for a class and am prepping now. They begin using the plasma cutter by playing to make a name plate or sign (practicing arcs, straight lines, and basically making the machine do what they want), then make a sconce or butterfly wings, then embellish petals for a flower. I’m excited to learn the ideas they come with for their own project, but just for fun,

I am preparing pieces to make a bug with glass inset. Snacks of kale & quinoa salad, home-made hummus, cheese, veggie, nut board, drinks and various other goodies will keep us nourished for the fun!

I have just donated one class, $135 value, to a Silent Auction Fundraiser for El Grupo Youth Cycling. I have also contributed to Taste of Tanque Verde silent auctions with workshop donations for the last few years.

dianne-nussmeier-projects http://solaz.biz/learn-about-welding-plasma-cutting

Art in the Garden

What a great weekend at Harlow’s Gardens. It was my first time participating in Chris Bubany’s Holiday Market and wow was it lovely! Such a diversity of artists and wonderfully pleasant surrounds.

12186771_10206848626207513_7700013130336239755_oNext up, Open Studio Tours November 14 & 15, 11745 East Summer Trail


Thank you Big Brother/Big Sisters Supporters

A fun three day weekend at Plaza Palamino surrounded by friendly and talented artists and visited by lovely fair-goers.  I greatly appreciate the extensive efforts of the Big Brothers/Big Sisters group to create a remarkable and long-standing traditional fair. It is well advertised, extremely organized and a pleasure to be a part of.   Totals benefitting the great organization will come soon.


Steampunk Anglerfish
A Tearful Goodbye to The One of a Kind Steampunk Anglerfish. It is a happy hurt to let creations of such personality find their way to a new home.














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