As seen in Tucson Lifestyles Lighting Trends, Solaz Designs solar lights stand as beautiful art pieces during the day and cast intricate shadow patterns at night. Popular installations are clusters of three lights of varying height and sets to line a walkway.
The hand-cut 4″x4″ square bollards are available in solar, low-voltage and standard lighting with heights of 12″, 16″, 20″.  Solar light lids have accessible replaceable rechargeable batteries. Special order to customize size and personalize the pattern like the commissioned commemorative lights towards the bottom of the page. Pieces can be powder coated for additional cost. 12″ $95-$120; 16″ $125-$145; 20″ $150-$165, also in low-voltage wired landscape lighting and custom sizes.

Lights are easily installed by driving two pieces of rebar into the ground and sliding the piece over the stakes.

An ever-expanding selection of lighting for safety, accent and flair.

Specially Commissioned Personalized Lights

These lights were each designed as a special gift for family members, a sax player, a science educator and a contemporary mixed-media artist.  They were designed with the personality and passions of the recipients in mind. Such a special gift!