Aspen Gate

Aspen Gate with blue translucent & opaque glass knots installed outside a happy home. I love how it looks lined up with the other trees and their whispering leaves, and loved the fun of hiding in the scars of the trunks things to make the Fry’s smile.
But maybe I love the most when, while we were installing, Garrett brought out a mini lawn chair to keep us company and ask questions about the project. I then got to teach him and his sis how to cut glass. I’m smiling as I write these memories.

Aspen Gate, Glass & Patina Steel

Hummingbird Gate

Over a quarter of a year in the design and construction of this custom gate that incorporates the patron’s passion for nature with cooling blue glass accents that welcome a visitor with a Feng Shui flow. The design is graceful and practical to meet the desire of the owners to avoid a “heavy” look but still protect from snakes and escaping kitties.

Hummingbird Gate

Tree Story

A complex narrative previewing the flavor and personality of the residence.  Hidden in the organically flowing branches are hearts, masks, bugs, butterflies, bicycles, Volkswagens, chickens, glass, and iconic cactus giving a whimsical of the character and characters of the house.  Difficult to photograph with a clean background, this left gate is half of a symmetrical Tim Burton inspired life tree.

Tree Story Gate

Kelp Onion Gate

Designed with the sway of the sea and layers of complexity.

Kelp Onion Gate $1300
Kelp Onion Gate $1300










Elk Gate

Ornate embellishments on the skull evoking the traditions of the Mexican Americans of this region.  Blue shards of glass emphasize the hint at ribs and historic mica colors a translucent glow through the vertebrae.

Elk Gate with Mica & Blue Glass
Elk Gate $1800