Agaves & Yuccas

The perfect vegetation for a beautiful pot, especially in hot areas where plants struggle, or you struggle in watering regularly.  Rusted or in brush steel, simple budding stalks or colorful beaded fruits, this forever flora is one of the most popular items. $110-$230 according to sizes.

Yucca wall hangings are also available with an oxydized, rusted finish or clean brushed or stainless steel, they add accent to a wall and can be back lit with LED strip lighting on the bottom back of the frame to highlight the figure.  LED lights come with remote controls which allow an almost endless selection of color possibilities to keep the look fresh.

Rustic & Rusted Graceful Agaves

Agaves Rusted


Brushed Clean Steel Agaves & Yuccas

Agaves Shiny Brushed Steel


Yucca Wall Hanging (Available with bottom lighting)

Yucca & Agave Wall Hangings


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